Sphera's Environmental Performance Solution Provides a Framework for Environmental Information and Insights

Environmental Performance

Managing emission, water and waste discharge data for compliance, risk mitigation and operational excellence.

Sphera’s award winning Environmental Performance solution combines advanced software and world-class content, along with deep domain and industry expertise to help organizations efficiently collect and aggregate emissions data and communicate results consistent with ISO 14001 standards.


“With the Sphera waste modeling capability, we have been able to establish a homogenous waste management process.

We now have reliable data and are able to gain additional insight.

This will help us not only from a compliance perspective but we can focus now on reducing waste generation, and in general, improve the process.”

- HSE IT Specialist, Repsol

Environmental Performance

Enivronmental Accounting & Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory Reporting
  • Air
  • GHG/Carbon
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Chemical Inventory


Performance Reporting
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Other Resources


Compliance Assurance

Performance Reporting
  • Regulatory
  • Awareness
  • Applicability Analysis
  • Register
  • Controls / Actions
  • Monitoring / CAPA
  • Change Management


Corporate Social Responsibility

Measuring & Reporting
  • KPIs
    • Economic
    • Environmental
    • Social
  • Data Gathering
  • Analytics / Reporting

Measurement & Reporting

Performance Management
  • Objectives
  • Projects
  • Monitoring / CAPA

Performance Management


Unlike most of today’s environmental management products, Sphera’s Environmental Performance solution manages the full spectrum of emissions, waste, and water discharges within a single integrated solution. This unified approach streamlines data management, reduces the likelihood of errors, eliminates redundant data entry and transforms environmental management into an opportunity for competitive advantage.

Environmental Accounting and Regulatory Reporting

Establishes an auditable system of record for air, water, and waste and chemical inventory with a centralized platform that makes critical environmental data accessible to anyone across an organization.

Streamline data, information and change management

Streamlines data processes, provides access to all regulatory information, and tracks key sustainability indicators

Open and scalable architecture

Sphera’s highly scalable, open data infrastructure empowers enterprises in real time, transforming environmental data into actionable knowledge and business transformation.

Sphera’s flexible software framework advances proactive executive decisions by aligning environmental performance with operational objectives to provide real-time visibility into progress against sustainability goals.

Sphera provides the robust environmental information and insight executives need to manage environmental performance information with the same rigor as financial performance information.