Chemical Inventory Management

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Establish effective hazardous materials programs founded on accurate chemical inventory

Sphera’s Chemical Inventory Management solution makes it easy to track inventory information for use in satisfying related regulatory requirements. With it, you can accurately know the amounts and locations of the materials you have on hand at any given time across sites, and perform all the complex calculations demanded by regulators for reporting.

Reduce Time and Cost

Make compliance easier, faster and cheaper while improving purchasing efficiency and production scheduling

Enhance Transparency

Centralize material data and enhance transparency for inventory and locations

Improve Compliance

Generate accurate compliance and sustainability reports with an effective integrated hazardous materials program

Securely gather, store and organize chemical inventory data

Our solution uses a central database to track pure chemicals and mixtures you need to ensure efficient hazardous material management. You can efficiently manage chemical inventory, including receipts, movement, usage, adjustments and disposal of materials so you can meet regional and country specific regulatory compliance and reporting requirements including EPCRA, SARA Title III, SEVESO, COMAH, GHS, REACH and more

Benefit from detailed tracking of:

• Materials composition and properties

• Container storage properties and storage area locations

• Container-level tracking

• Inventory transactions and inventory estimates

• Storage area information

• Toxic inventory rollup per user-defined parameter

Achieve milestones like Duke Energy - managing 1 million+ inventory records and producing site-specific hazardous chemical lists for more than 6,700 locations with Sphera’s solutions.


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