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Manage Accountability and Ensure industry, regional and corporate compliance

Sphera’s solution reduces your compliance burden and certifies that required regulatory actions are being executed across all facilities and jurisdictions – from the plant floor to the executive suite.


Manage compliance risks systemically


Move beyond regulatory compliance to monitor the effectiveness of your management system

Rest Assured

Know and show you are in compliance. Strive for world-class performance against your peers.

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Compliance Actions


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Reduce your compliance burden with confidence

With decades of experience in the refrigerant and HVAC industry, our experts have a thorough understanding of facility operations and compliance obligations, including major refrigerant equipment manufacturing and HVAC/R service contracting.

We help you track all of your refrigerant related activities so you can effectively comply with refrigerant recordkeeping requirements and corporate emissions reporting.

Regulatory Content for EHS

Leverage an accurate, up-to-date library of EHS regulatory content managed by market experts and also be notified of pending changes to laws and regulations.

EHS Compliance and Task Management

Simplify your task tracking from start to finish. Certify with confidence that actions required for EHS compliance are being executed organization wide

Enterprise Compliance Register

Determine which regulations permit conditions and corporate policies apply to you, then ensure that your compliance obligations are met.

EHS Auditing

Get a single system of record for EHS data to track findings, recommendations, observations and best practices, or assign corrective actions as needed.


Gain clear and continuous visibility into both internal and regulatory compliance status. A powerful calculation engine enables you to easily perform any type of emissions calculations. Dashboards and a flexible reporting capability let you view and report on any aspect of your company’s air emissions from the facility level to the corporate level.

Ensure compliance with Title V Clean Air Act, MRR, AB32, NGERS, CPRS, ETS-EU and many more regulatory standards.

Track water usage, monitor discharge and manage large amounts of sampling data, perform complex calculations, compare results to permitted limits and generate discharge monitoring reports. Our solution can accommodate surface water discharge, groundwater remediation projects, drinking water sample or drawing water from local sources.

Streamline compliance and reporting with key regulations across the globe, including: NPDES (USA), NPRI (Canada), NPI (Australia), E-PRTR (The EU) and much more



Impact Measurement

Perform what-if scenarios for proposed process changes

Discharge Rate Tracking

Track for metals, chemical compounds and variables, based on user-defined criteria.

Automated Data Handling & Alerts

Set email notifications based on pollutant discharge load or concentration when permit limits are approached or exceeded.

Report Generation and Submittal

Produce reports for regulatory compliance or corporate sustainability performance requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

Track your permit requirements or voluntary guidelines, calculate pollutant quantity at each discharge point


Streamline hazardous waste management, simplify processes and improve compliance. Sphera works with industry leaders in asset-intensive industries to help cut daily costs related to hazardous waste management and meet waste minimization goals.

Let us help you reduce the volume and toxicity of waste generated and track all waste to its final disposal.


Manage characterization data for waste stream profiling

Provide automated warnings for profile expirations, container and storage

Produce extensive and detailed reporting and generate regulatory and barcode labels

Locate individual waste containers and view complete historical profiles

Produce hazardous and non-hazardous shipping documents

Reduce disposal errors, track container contents and movements on a transaction basis

Efficiently store and organize waste manifest information from vendors and onsite shipment

Align data with applicable regional, federal, provincial and state waste codes


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