Manage Risk Effectively

As a Chemicals manufacturer, risk has a way of defining your work.

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30 years of experience and industry-leading products, serving you in a way other vendors cannot.

Webinar: GHS by Design

As more and more countries adopt GHS it is becoming difficult to keep track of all the differences in the implementation. The question becomes, how can we make our life easier? This webinar will explore the possibilities of designing your own GHS system for covering multiple countries.

Insights: Challenges with REACH

In the past year, there has been a lot of progress made in the ways companies plan to comply with REACH including SUMI. It’s a term you’re likely to hear more about in the coming year.


We're providing solutions to the world's biggest brands.

's Solutions:

Are you managing risk, or is risk managing you?

You see operational and quality risk in every facet of your business, including R&D, engineering, distribution, sales and marketing, and—most notably—production. Without proper risk management, you can end up with impure products, or manufacturing errors that cost millions.

And with regulations becoming ever more Stringent, prepare for the future.

We deliver automated solutions that manage compliance, risk and product stewardship.

At Sphera Solutions, we have more than 30 years of experience and industry-leading products to help chemical manufacturers manage risk efficiently and effectively—and generate insights our competitors can’t.

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Stature is an enterprise-wide risk assessment tool, not just for quality risk management. Others have quality solutions, or process safety methodologies. But we offer one solution that delivers it all.

– Banoo Behboodi

Industy Solutions Director

Sphera Delivers Insights and Expertise to Improve your Processes

Adopt a comprehensive approach to managing operational risk

An Operational Risk solution that takes the entire Operational Risk journey from compliance through Operational Excellence, including Comply Plus, our regulatory standards solution.

Ensure process safety and a safe work environment

Consolidate your view of chemical inventory for reporting & risk analysis and eliminate manual processes for tracking movements, usage, disposal of chemical inventory.

Automate and simplify compliance and reporting requirements end to end

Chemical Lifecycle Management and SDS Authoring for chemical manufacturers, as part of Sphera’s Product Stewardship solutions.

's Solutions:

1 Million Users

2,500 Customers

70 Countries

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A Comprehensive System for Your Organization

10 of the 10 largest chemical companies use Sphera to identify, manage and mitigate risks throughout their enterprise.

Not only does our QRM solution capture and retain expert knowledge, but also creates a comprehensive knowledge base of experiences, ensuring you learn from errors instead of just enduring them.
Sphera’s QRM solutions feature standardized definitions and applications of the occurrence, severity, and detection in calculating risk, illustrating increased visibility of your quality risks. Better still, you can produce quality risk management reports and dashboards that reveal risks you otherwise may not have detected.
Stature shortens the time it takes to conduct risk assessments and turns a months-long exercise to produce reports to minutes. On average, Stature delivers a 50% efficiency gain in risk assessment.
Access a store of knowledge unlike any other. The content you get through a community of industryleading peers and Sphera domain experts will accelerate your next round of continuous improvements.
Enable better traceability for compliance to more effectively respond to audits. Support a true risk assessment revision chain, with only the latest revision allowing edits and showing a full history of who created, edited or read each revision and when.
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Hear from our Customers

“We had to implement the classification across all of our 3,500 reagents. Sphera met the challenge by enabling our Siemens team members to evaluate the chemical make-up of each product, including a great deal of toxicity data. Fortunately, we were able to use the information that was available in Sphera’s solution to simplify the classification process.”

“To move forward, you need to know where you stand. Stature now is starting to provide that visibility for us, now I believe we have a chance to really understand how we can streamline our safety processes… Ultimately improve the business.”

“Flexibility is one of the strengths of the Sphera software. We needed a system that could provide powerful data handling and reporting capabilities at large, complex processing facilities with hundreds of compliance tasks, while still being easy to use for a small country grain elevator that has fewer tasks.”

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