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As a chemical company, you have complex and broad needs in terms of Environment, Health & Safety. In addition, you most certainly have strategic priorities tied to Responsible CareĀ®. These priorities include delivering excellence and continuous improvement in the areas of process safety, personal safety, product sustainability, environment, health, and security.

In order to drive excellence in these areas, leading chemical companies are taking an enterprise approach to EHS management so that they can gain insights from operations, respond to stakeholders, improve performance, reduce risk, and make faster, more confident decisions.

Make confident decisions with us

Sphera helps ensure product compliance, manage operational risk and enhance environmental performance. Our customer base includes 70% of the ICIS Top 100 Chemical Companies and 100% of the top ten largest.

10 of the 10 Largest Chemical companies use Sphera to

  • Identify, manage and mitigate risks throughout their enterprise
  • Implement compliance-based material review and approval workflows
  • Meet complex and ever-changing regulatory compliance obligations such as REACH and GHS
  • Manage air, water or waste compliance obligations
  • Enable collaborative decision making between procurement, product design and regulatory teams
  • Consolidate their view of chemical inventory for reporting & risk analysis
  • Eliminate manual processes for tracking movements, usage, disposal of chemical inventory
  • Manage change to their processes and equipment
  • Ensure process safety and a safe work environment to reduce major events