Showing leadership in EHS

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Government is adopting and adapting existing industry standards and international guidelines to ensure EHS is seamlessly integrated across all business functions, structures and geographies – including contractor activities occurring within the fence-line.

Many of the manufacturing and maintenance activities conducted at military bases involve the use of chemical materials and generate waste materials that are regulated under local, state and federal EHS regulations. In addition, base personnel must maintain compliance with Air Force standards, some of which are even more stringent than comparable federal government mandates.

The key to EHS Management is having an in depth knowledge of the materials purchased, used, stored, and disposed of at the facility.

Keeping personnel safe while minimizing risks and costs

Department of Defense organizations that use hazardous materials face a series of challenges to manage them in compliance with environmental regulations. Every step – from acquisition to handling, use and disposal – poses risks that must be addressed to ensure a safe and verifiable process.

To comply with regulations, organizations require a solution that addresses the technical, logistical, personnel and reporting aspects of managing hazardous materials. Effective hazmat programs must maintain the focus on the safety of personnel while minimizing risks and costs.

More than 100 military locations use Sphera to

  • Improve employee safety by approving hazardous material for use only by suitable groups of people
  • Optimize purchasing by establishing procedures to to control materials allowed on the facility
  • Reduce data collection and transmission costs
  • Promote use of non-toxic alternatives
  • Reduce liability by issuing job-specific quantities to reduce user exposure
  • Minimize the cost of overstocking