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Take the pressure off with discipline and focus

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The ability to safely maintain the best-in-class utilization rates is critical to profitable operations. The pressures on operations to adapt to a wide range of regional and local stresses varies, but in all cases a world-class operational excellence program can help provide the discipline and focus necessary to manage change and optimize utilization without compromising reliability, safety, compliance, and other performance objectives.

Best-in-class oil & gas operations are using the current market shifts to justify further investment in their Operational Excellence programs. They are focusing their attention on increasing the value of their asset base by improving operational efficiency with standard business processes and disciplined process execution. Now is the time to accelerate investments in OE to drive sustainable operational efficiency.

Manage risk, reduce cost and improve operational performance

Sphera has years of experience in setting up some of the world’s leading Operational Excellence Management Systems – developing the appropriate workflows and templates to underpin your Operational Excellence elements and fostering the overarching objective of continuous improvement.

Sphera helps OE executives get clear answers backed with analytics to help prioritize the right investments to manage risk, to reduce cost, and to improve operational performance.

10 of the 10 Largest Oil & Gas companies use Sphera to

  • Better control the internal and external factors that cause unscheduled downtime
  • Improve asset reliability and availability, and eliminate downtime
  • Standardize and streamline processes to decrease operating expenses