Sphera's Product Stewardship Solution Provides a Framework to Create Safer, More Sustainable Products

Product Stewardship

Create safer, more sustainable products


Regulations and standards such as GHS and REACH are complex and changing frequently. The escalating demands on legacy product compliance systems and processes can jeopardize your ability to ensure that your products can be sold, shipped, and consumed in their intended markets. Ultimately, your ability to grow and innovate is compromised.

Comply, simplify and reduce risks

Our Product Stewardship solution helps you comply with today’s regulations and standards, as well as plan for and reduce risks due to pending regulatory changes. By centrally managing material and regulatory data, you can simplify workflows and lower costs while ensuring that you maintain and accelerate market access and lower risks associated with the handling and storage of chemicals on site.

Sphera has an extensive history of leadership in serving the needs of the chemical market. Our customers have achieved impressive results leveraging our solutions such as automating the creation, translation and distribution of SDSs globally and moving ahead of schedule for full compliance with GHS deadlines.

Our Product Stewardship solution helps you:

  • Streamline Safety Data Sheet authoring and material management by automating the creation and production of SDSs, labels, workplace safety cards, transportation documents and more
  • Aggregate enterprise-wide product and material information centrally to promote consistency and efficiency
  • Simplify and accelerate product rollout to new and existing markets by managing country-specific compliance requirement complexities
  • Manage your SDS and chemical information in a unified, searchable database
  • Enable collaborative decision making between procurement, product design and regulatory teams by implementing compliance-based material review and approval workflows
  • Meet complex and ever-changing regulatory compliance obligations such as REACH and GHS