Hazardous Material Management

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Department of Defense (DoD) organizations that use hazardous materials face a series of challenges to manage them in compliance with environmental regulations. Every step – from acquisition to handling, use and disposal – poses risks that must be addressed to ensure a safe and verifiable process.

To comply with regulations, organizations require a solution that addresses the technical, logistical, personnel and reporting aspects of managing hazardous materials. Effective hazmat programs must maintain the focus on the safety of personnel while minimizing risks and costs.

Manage hazardous materials from cradle to grave

Our Hazardous Material Management System (HMMS) enables SES to front line employees to contribute to building and sustaining an organizational culture that places EHS on par with business performance. HMMS is the only system of its type that was created and driven by the DoD user community.

Our Hazardous Material Management System (HMMS) offers a suite of products that assure compliance and improve productivity at every step of your hazardous material management process.

  • Product/SDS Repository
  • Product/SDS records (GHS compliant)
  • Imbedded PDF images
  • Version management
  • Tagging/Local update capability
  • Centralized request portal
  • Web distribution/access
  • Staffed Data Entry/QA personnel


  • AUL (Authorized Use List)
  • Order request
  • Inventory Level monitoring
  • Review materials to determine greener/cheaper alternatives

Label & Barcode

  • Usage information
  • FIFO, LIFO configurable
  • Know exactly who has the Inventory, what status it’s in, etc.

Material Issue & Reuse

  • SDS (GHS compliant)
  • Serialized Barcodes
  • Each piece of Inventory is uniquely identifiable
  • Kit capabilities
  • Parent/child and Inventory container breakdown capabilities
  • Inventory that can be viewed/shared amongst separate facilities


  • Tracking to the “Grave”
  • Manifest
  • Interface with Disposition Services for Waste Management


  • Regulatory reporting data
  • Tier II
  • Biennial
  • Data to support; TRI, PCB, and other reports
  • Over 50 pre-built, one button push canned reports
  • Ad hoc reporting capability

HMMS enables you to:

  • Ensure EHS is seamlessly integrated across all business functions, structures, and geographies
  • Optimize purchasing by establishing procedures to control materials allowed on a facility (AUL)
  • Improve employee safety by approving hazardous materials for use only by suitable groups of people
  • Save money by minimizing overstocking with total visibility of managed inventory, and by maintaining smaller inventories with greater control for less waste and disposal
  • Reduce liability by issuing job-specific quantities to reduce user exposure
  • Drive compliance with complex OSHA, EPCRA, and RCRA regulations

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