Product Compliance - Comply with Regulations such as REACH and GHS

Product Compliance

Add Intelligence to your product compliance solution and efficiently manage ever-changing regulations

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Comply, simplify and reduce risks

Sphera’s Product Compliance solution helps you comply with today’s regulations and standards, such as REACH and GHS. Sphera automates the production of compliant Safety Data Sheets in nearly 50 languages with key managed regulatory content, ensuring customers and employees will have the information they need to ensure safe use of products and maintain continued access to global markets.


Streamline and Automate your Safety Data Sheet authoring and material management processes.


Seamlessly adapt to continuous changes in regulations and proactively plan for and manage impacts of evolving requirements


Efficiently manage the complexity of designing and rolling out product to multiple markets.

Create safer, more sustainable products

Comply proactively with global classifications. Sphera continuously monitors global regulations, interprets changes, and delivers application ready updates to data, rules, templates and logic to truly automate the production of your Safety Data Sheets.


Proprietary rules

We employ experts in a variety of fields to monitor and analyze regulatory changes, enabling Sphera to deliver a set of rules and logic which automate the classification and assessment of products according to regulatory jurisdiction.


Chemicals & Properties

We monitor, maintain and update an extensive data set on lists of regulated chemicals to support screening and classification of products—from very specific chemical property data to international standards.


Regulatory Phrases

Rigorous quality and validation processes ensure the reliability of our documents. We deliver and update a standard translated phrase library, ESCom phrases in support of REACH, and a variety of templates, forms and labels.

Get the most comprehensive regulatory information with Sphera's Managed Regulatory Content

A key aspect of Sphera’s Product Compliance solution is our Managed Regulatory Content designed to support your product compliance program. Download the 2017 Handbook to explore comprehensive and current information that can help you avoid compliance-related risk and maintain ongoing access to key markets.

Download Sphera's 2017 Handbook


  • Creation & automation of SDSs and labels

    Empowers your EHS team to efficiently author REACH and GHS compliant Safety Data Sheets, Labels and other compliance documents.

    It allows easy tailoring of rules so that authors can effortlessly modify and enforce decisions about regulatory variables and grey areas affecting the content of Safety Data Sheets. Furthermore the solution allows for GHS by Design, a unique functionality that allows authors to configure user-defined GHS implementations for any area, country or region with no official GHS regulatory support

  • Integration with Business Systems

    Facilitates your end-to-end business data flow by effectively connecting to other key systems, such as ERP, PLM, LIMS and formulation management applications.

    Based on many years of experience, we have developed tools that decrease the time-to-value for implementations and ease sustainability.

  • Product compliance analysis platform

    Provides a query and analysis tool which enables product compliance specialists to proactively plan for and manage impacts of evolving requirements and gain insight into calculated classifications, quickly identify substances of concern in products, and make better decisions.

  • Extensive global regulatory content with supporting Rules & Logic

    Incorporates a wide range of data to support screening and classification of products for product compliance needs in global markets —from very specific chemical property data to industry specific guidelines and international standards. Content is delivered application ready.

  • Substance Volume Tracking

    Delivers out of the box tracking, analytics and reporting built with REACH requirements in mind enabling you to easily and accurately track and monitor substance volume activity and generate regulatory and management reports on a planned and on demand basis.

What can you achieve with an Intelligent product compliance solution?

Sphera helped a large multinational chemical manufacturer build a Global Product Stewardship program that ensures compliance with global mandates including REACH, CLP, GHS and a multitude of national, regional regulations.



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Need a solution for SAP® EHS?

We provide a modular pre-packaged SAP® EH&S solution that delivers regulatory data, rule sets, phrases, templates and configuration tools to accelerate the benefits of your investment.

The solution also has a state-of-the-art content editor that regulatory experts can use to change the behavior of their core SAP® EH&S system rules and support company specific requirements. It enables the creation and/or modification of rules, viewing of phrases and mapping of rule outputs to a product property tree.

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Need to Complement your current Team with Regulatory Expertise?

Our team of product compliance experts, supported by our market leading software and regulatory content, can complement your product stewardship efforts. Our team can produce compliant SDS, eSDS and Labels according to specific national and international legislation including REACH and GHS coverage.

We can help you eliminate risks due to the scarcity of in-house experts, especially during critical times.

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Experts Dedicated to Your Success

Our extensive team of over 50 product compliance experts, many with over 20 years of experience, are key in enabling Sphera to effectively deliver our managed regulatory content, software, and managed services.

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