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Challenges with GHS

Since 2003, GHS has been adopted by close to 50 countries

As the GHS wave continues and more countries adopt it, one thing has become clear - each implementation has its own unique shade leading to challenges around:

  • What is truly harmonized?
  • What is different?
  • How will my product classifications differ?
  • What are the implications for my Safety Data Sheets and Labels?

Different implementations of GHS can have an impact on the marketability of your products.


Successfully Implementing GHS - By Design

Fortunately, the ‘Shades of purple’ between some countries can be immaterial to their product lines. At Sphera, we believe in giving our customers as much flexibility as possible so that they can design a system that works for them. With our ‘GHS by Design’ feature you can exercise the option of creating SDSs and Labels for many countries with a single classification while still respecting the ‘worst case’ building blocks.

With GHS by Design you can:

  • Create a single set of documents targeted to several countries (regional approach)
  • Conduct side-by-side impact assessments on product classifications based on building blocks or threshold value changes
  • Easily develop GHS rules and the corresponding SDSs for countries without a GHS implementation
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REACH Compliance

Far REACHing Requirements

Primary implications of REACH include the registration of chemicals, the reduction and end of use of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), and the obligation to produce an Extended Safety Data Sheet (extSDS) detailing exposure scenarios and risk management measures according to each specified use of a product.

Sphera’s solutions were developed keeping REACH requirements in mind to help you comply with these requirements comprehensively.

Efficiently deal with Extended Safety Data Sheets

Sphera’s product compliance solution is designed with REACH requirements in mind and includes all elements required to produce an extSDS. We take into account the SDS requirements as per REACH Annex II, including REACH registration numbers, and all supporting elements to produce an exposure scenario per use. In addition, Sphera experts are collaborating with CEFIC (the European Chemical Industry Council) and ECHA for the development of standards to facilitate the exchange of exposure scenario information.

Sphera’s Product Compliance solution includes:

  • Standard-use descriptors (SUDs)
  • Process, environmental release, market sector, and article categories
  • Rules in line with the DPD+ industry guidelines, to group mixtures sharing the same critical substances and facilitate the creation of Generic Exposure Scenarios
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Effective Substance Volume Tracking (SVT)

In 2018 the REACH thresholds triggering registration and reporting to ECHA will be lowered to 1 Ton. This greatly lowered threshold poses a challenge for companies dealing with SVT obligations, whether inside or outside the EU. Sphera has developed a turn-key solution to help you with your SVT needs.

We can help you:

  • Accurately track transaction volumes for substances against registered tonnage bands
  • Apply a wide range of exemptions
  • Monitor and anticipate volumes for phase-in substances
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Managed Regulatory Content

Not All Content is Created Equal

Sphera continuously monitors global regulations, including REACH and GHS, interprets changes, and delivers application ready updates to data, rules, templates and logic to truly automate the classification process of your products and the production of your Safety Data Sheets and other compliance related documents.


Proprietary Rules

We employ experts in a variety of fields to monitor and analyze regulatory changes. Combined with our software expertise, we deliver a set of rules and logic which automate the classification and assessment of products according to regulatory jurisdiction.


Chemicals & Properties

We monitor, maintain and update an extensive data set on lists of regulated chemicals. This includes a wide range of data to support screening and classification of products—from very specific chemical property data to international standards.


Regulatory Phrases

We have rigorous quality and validation processes, which we apply to our content elements to ensure the reliability of documents. We also deliver and update a standard translated phrase library and ESCom phrases in support of REACH, and a wide array of templates, forms and labels.

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