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Let our consultants give you a head start to achieving Operational Excellence. At Sphera, our deep expertise extends to strategy, technology, and organizational capabilities - not just software.

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Benefit from a Comprehensive Approach to EHS Consulting and Analytics

Sphera’s experts average 20+ years of experience helping asset-intensive organizations optimize their management systems. Our consultants help organizations achieve operational excellence through innovation, information and insights.

Business Process Evaluation

Using best practices vetted by our customers over the last 20 years, we help identify areas where your current business practices can be improved to raise performance and stay competitive.

Risk Assessment Facilitation

Our customized risk management and engineering advisory services can help you manage regulatory compliance, risk and quality management through methodologies like LOPA, SIL, HAZOP, What-If, JSA, SVA, FMEA and more.

Analytics & Insights

Sphera’s benchmarking studies and advisory services including consultations, data analysis, workshops and customized reports are pivotal in helping organizations make systemic, wide-ranging organizational improvements.

Innovation, Information & Insights Dedicated to Your Success

Sphera provides unparalleled expertise. Only Sphera can deliver comprehensive business, domain and technology know-how as well as leading-edge enterprise software and rich information content – all from a single world-class provider.


Our experts with 150+ collective years of experience in a variety of disciplines have developed a proven, flexible approach to help our clients uncover and analyze their organization’s unique information management requirements and goals – both immediate and long-term.


We specialize in helping companies take an innovative approach to reducing risk exposure. We’ve spent the last 8 years analyzing risk process execution metrics from a consortium of global corporations to develop prescriptive analytics to help benchmark operating assets and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.


For decades, Sphera professionals have helped companies discuss and define business requirements, practices, options, constraints, schedules and drivers to set forth recommendations to achieve operational excellence. Our client engagements drive workflow efficiency, optimize resources and facilitate plans for managing risk.

Consulting Engagements to help you achieve Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence Assessments


Using a proven assessment methodology coupled with a consultative approach that aligns with your culture, we identify areas of potential improvement within your business process and management system. This includes an in depth review of the business process with a comparison to industry best practices, evaluation of the underpinning technology and the infrastructure, the current metrics enablement, and the organization’s capability to perform the process.



Our annual benchmarking report assesses how participants anonymously compare in the areas of risk indentification process execution performance. This study continues to expand each year with more data and insights to help our customers obtain greater value from our solutions.

Solution Performance Reviews & Health Checks

Throughout the lifecycle of software, we perform checks to make sure that the right IT infrastructure is in place and the optimal business process is configured using the latest software functionality and offer recommendations for improvement. These assessments have been shown to drive user adoption and can be performed throughout the implementation or sustainment stages.

Risk Assessments

Our expert engineers faciliate risk assessments based on proven methodologies for HAZOP, PHA Revalidation, What-If, LOPA, SIL, FMEA, JSA, SVA, FMECA and more.

Risk Assessment Methodology Training

Learn how to faciliate risk assessments using our proven methodology and tools.


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Our extensive team of over 50 product compliance experts, many with over 20 years of experience, are key in enabling Sphera to effectively deliver our managed regulatory content, software, and managed services.