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The cost of maintaining talent and regularly providing opportunity for skills development far outweighs the cost of recruiting and onboarding brand new employees, yet many companies fall back on status quo and let skills erode. The ecosystem around an enterprise solution involves many stakeholders with varying roles, responsibilities, and skills. Understandably, when people transition in and out of these roles, there can be a degree of degradation in the knowledge transfer between the outgoing and incoming people unless managed carefully.

Companies that invest in training their employees succeed at higher rates. As you battle to hire top talent you need high-quality, focused and thorough training courses to ensure that your employees are engaged, motivated and feel supported in their careers.

Let our expert team help your employees succeed

Our training offerings provide you with the skills and training you need, featuring scheduled and customized courses in the format that works best for you. Specialized content helps you develop deeper skills in Sphera technology and our experienced risk management professionals guide your employees to a higher level of expertise within their job roles.