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GHS by Design…. What a Concept!

Thursday April 20, 2017 9AM EDT

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 2PM EST

Making Your HAZOP Study Work for You…In Real Time

Too often, a HAZOP study, despite the investment of human and financial capital, becomes a stand-alone document, securely archived for regulatory purposes. Many disparate processes or in fact even a lack of processes, related to study follow-up activities may not give you the insight you need into what actual risks your operation poses on a day-to-day basis.

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Substance Volume Tracking (SVT) Solution Overview

In 2018 the annual volume threshold triggering substance volume registration obligations will drop to 1 ton. Registration filings are time and labor intensive, and many of our customers have expressed pain points around their current systems and processes regarding Substance Volume Tracking (SVT). Some are still using Excel and Access as stop-gap solutions that are proving inefficient and unreliable.

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Elevate the Value of EHS Management: Build a Strategic Business Case for Your EHS Technology Initiative

The link between Enterprise, Health and Safety (EHS) performance and business performance is well-established. Improved safety and environmental performance can contribute to better business performance in terms of productivity, reduced risk, and profitable growth. However, EHS leaders struggle to drive improvement due to fragmented systems and silo’ed organizational structures. Modern information technology can help businesses […]

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From Isolated to Integrated: How to Eliminate the Redundancies and Inefficiencies of Independent EHS Systems

How to eliminate the redundancies and inefficiencies of independent EHS systems and maximize the benefits—financial, compliance, operational, safety, risk mitigation and otherwise—that result from an Integrated Management System (IMS). Learn best practices, cost-benefits tied to this implementation, and how to manage the associated organizational change.

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Using Risk Ranking To Drive Behaviors, Efficiencies, and Insights

The focus of the incident management process, as well as other processes used to communicate risk, has evolved over the years. Getting a high level of engagement from the workforce to increase risk communication has been a challenge especially where historical lack of follow up or uncertainty about what constitutes a valid event has prevailed.

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Intelligent Authoring 4.9 Release Highlights

Please join us for the Intelligent Authoring 4.9 Release Highlights. We will be covering the following topics: GHS by Design implementation, Enablement of Substance Volume Tracking (SVT) reporting, Product data entry management enhancement (Datalink Origin), EU CLP 8th ATP updates, HMIS 4th Edition implementation, UN GHS Revision 6 updates, California Prop 65 implementation update, Transition of OEL parameters to Settings Editor, 2017 Regulatory Transport Amendments, Support for alternate CAS numbers, Korea MOEL Circular 2016-19, Support of ESCom phrase catalogue v2.1 and v2.2, Enhancement of Kit pictograms

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